Dog Day Care, Dog Wa​lking and Dog Training Service in Brackley

Private and Secure Dog Walking Field for Rent

Elite and Bespoke Dog Day Care, Walking and Training Service

Services we offer

Prices From-

(There is a discount for a 2nd dog from the same home)

Dog day care Monday - Saturday 

We are a safe and fun place for your dog to be when the commitments of modern day life take you away from your loyal companion (limited space).

from £22 a day 

Overnight Holiday Stays (currently unavailable)

Dog Walking

 £13 for 30 mins individual walk 

£13 for 60 mins group walk 

Weekends and bank holidays 

Dog Walking/Day Care £15 per hour with a 2 hour minimum slot, then £5 per hour thereafter.

Puppy/ Dog Training Monday - Saturday 

There are times in life when we all need some help or guidance from someone who knows better (an electrician, a mechanic or a dog trainer)

Here at Canine Company we want to share our knowledge and experience with you to ensure your puppy has the best possible start in life.

We work with your puppy on a 1-2-1 basis to ensure all the training that is delivered meets your individual needs, whilst we are happy to work with your puppy alone, we feel it is important for you the owner to be involved in some of the training sessions. 

(Young puppies may need a split session).

These visits are designed to give you advice on -

How to introduce your puppy to their new home

Toilet Training

Crate or safe space introduction

How to Introduce the outside world

Best toys to help minimise chewing / mouthing

What we teach (these are some of the aspects that we cover)

Appropriate play behaviour

Walking nicely on the lead

Basic obedience

Greeting visitors

Off lead play and socialisation

How to prevent destructive chewing

Everyday manners

How to prevent barking in the home

Clicker/Trick training

We have over 45 yrs of combined professional dog training, behaviour and welfare experience, we use only modern kind, calm and reward-based training methods. 

£35 per 1 hour session

These sessions can be used instead of, or in conjunction with the Dog Day Care or Dog Walking Services that we offer.

Dog Day Care, Dog Walking & Dog Training Service in Brackley

Private and Secure Dog Walking Field

"Where every dog has its day"