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Toilet Training 

Dogs are very clean animals that don’t like to toilet in an area that they live and sleep in, and a puppy taught from a very young age will learn quickly to want to go outside to toilet.

Encourage your puppy outside into the garden at the following times:

• After each feed

• During/After playing

• Before and After exercise

• After any excitement (e.g. visitors arriving)

• First thing in the morning

• Last thing at night

• At least once every hour in the first few weeks then increase slowly

In the initial weeks you will need to stay outside with your puppy (coats and umbrellas may be needed; he will only follow you back indoors if you do not stay outside).

Try and ignore him so as not to distract him, allow him to wander around and sniff, be patient, it may take him a little time before he goes.

Wait a few minutes, if nothing happens go back inside, remain vigilant and try again a short while later. You can always scatter a little of his kibble to encourage him to walk around scenting, this will help to stimulate him to toilet.

As your puppy is toileting, say the words ‘QUICK’ or any other chosen word once or twice in a casual voice. Praise him for toileting outside with a soft voice as he performs and more of a fuss afterwards, too much fuss during can stop him in his performance.

Accidents happen, your pup does not toilet inside on purpose, he has just not learnt/understood that we want him to go outside. Do not tell him off, there is no point, he does not understand that he has done something wrong, he may just learn not to toilet in front of you which could cause other issues. Clean the area thoroughly with biological washing powder solution, allow it to dry and wipe over with alcohol (surgical spirit) which will remove enzymes etc (test an area first to avoid staining etc).

If at any time of the day, you notice your puppy walking around in circles sniffing or getting ready to squat, immediately interrupt him and take him outside quickly. Do not pick him up; he will not learn that when he needs to go he should go outside, instead calling him excitedly and run to the back door, Once your puppy begins to understand watch for signs, like running to the back door, which will indicate that he needs to toilet.

Night times - Puppies like children have limited control at first, when they need to go they need to go. Expecting them to last all night is just too much. He will become housetrained quicker if you get up to him in the night. Do not make eye contact with your pup, fuss or talk to him, when he toilets praise him with a quiet pat/stroke, take him back to his crate, back to bed for you.​

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